Thanks to widespread protests from parents, teachers, and students, New Mexico’s Department of Education announced it will restore evolution and climate change to the state’s science curriculum. Mother Jones reports:

“The pressure on the Public Education Department seems to have had an effect. In a Tuesday statement to the media, a department spokeswoman outlined several changes PED would make to New Mexico’s proposed standards that would bring them back into alignment with the NGSS. Those include restoring references to the 4.6-billion-year age of the Earth and to evolution; replacing a reference to the supposed “fluctuation in global temperatures over the past century” with a more accurate reference to the “rise in global temperatures over the past century”; and making a fourth change that more accurately reflects the facts of rising global temperatures and climate change.”

It’s good to see that this story had a happy ending. Our young people deserve an education that empowers them with science, not one that fits some lawmaker’s ideological or religious agenda.