A 40-foot tall cross is unmistakably a religious symbol. The fact that it sits on public property and has been maintained by public funds constitutes an unconstitutional endorsement of religion by the state. The New York Times explains that the case could be heading to the Supreme Court:

“The United States Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit declared this month that the Peace Cross, which sits on state-owned land in Maryland and has been maintained with public funds, was unconstitutional…An appeal would provide the justices an opportunity to weigh in on increasingly common disputes over religious symbols on government property. Scholars hope the case will further distill what is and is not an unconstitutional endorsement of religion. The Peace Cross, which commemorates 49 fallen soldiers from Prince George’s County, looms over the knotted intersection of Maryland Route 450 and United States Alternate Route 1 in this old port town of 10,000 people.”

Americans of all faiths and none have served in our Armed Forces. They deserve secular and inclusive monuments that recognize and celebrate the diversity of those who have given their lives for our country.