A Florida State Representative has proposed legislation that would turn religious belief into a sweeping license to discriminate. Think Progress explains:

“House Bill 871 is modeled after the First Amendment Defense Act introduced in Congress. It prohibits the government from taking any “discriminatory action” against a business because of its “personnel and employee benefit policies” or because it exercises its freedoms of expression and religion. Given Florida has no state law protecting LGBTQ people from discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodations, this would be nothing short of an invitation to discriminate — one that would sidestep protections that exist at the local level in cities across the state.”

Religious belief is no excuse to discriminate against others. Legislation like HB 871 would turn religious freedom from a shield that protects belief into a sword that imposes those beleifs on others. Secular Values Voters know that true religious freedom is the right to live with, or without, religious belief.