Knowledge is a Secular Value

Information Empowers

We are constantly in awe of the scientific and technological accomplishments human beings have made, particularly how these advances have improved and saved so many lives. Continued progress depends on society valuing science and fostering free inquiry.

When the government skews scientific findings for ideological reasons or suppresses accurate information, it restricts freedom of thought and halts scientific progress. Secular values voters stand for an America where all citizens have access to the most accurate information available, empowering every individual to reach his or her greatest potential.

Key Issues

Sex Education

Comprehensive, inclusive, sex education

Informed young people are empowered to make healthy decisions. Public school students have a right to comprehensive, inclusive, and accurate sex education. 


Secular science and history curriculum

Our youth deserve a top quality education of the highest standards. Public schools must teach biology, history, physics, and other topics in an accurate, evidence-based manner.


Stem Cell and Fetal Tissue Research

Stem cell and fetal tissue research have the potential to vastly improve the quality and longevity of human lives. Sectarian interests should not impede progress that benefits all of us.


Climate Change

Solutions to the world’s greatest challenges must be guided by science and evidence. Lawmakers have a responsibility to recognize and act upon the scientific consensus behind climate change. 


Reproductive Counseling

Government regulations should ensure that every woman has access to scientifically accurate, unbiased, timely information about her reproductive health and pregnancy options.

Immunization of children in doctors office

Nonmedical Vaccine Exemptions

When it comes to health and safety, we should always put kids first. Nonmedical vaccine exemptions are putting our children and communities at risk.