Brief Introduction of Hand Winch

Hand winches are great tools. Do you draw four wheeler or ATV from dirt and grime or pick up hay bales, there is a winch that can help you lift weights safely and easily. However, the winches are still tools and should be used safely. 

If you are new to the hand winch, here are some safety tips for using your winch. Before you use the winch the weight for what you are pulling and how much your winches can support. 

If the load is too heavy, you can use a snatch block or two separate cranes. If you’re going off road, make sure that you take the gear weight into account. 

If possible load up the ATV or off-road vehicle with all the gear and equipment you plan to use, including food and fuel and have it weighed at a weigh station. 

Doing this will tell you how much your winch needs to lift, which is sometimes up to a thousand pounds more than the actual weight of the vehicle!

Finally, every time you winch, use work gloves. Work gloves will help to prevent blisters on hands doing winching and also provide a better grip on the winch handle. It will also prevent injuries that you may receive from wire strands that have frayed a little.