Equality is a Secular Value

Unbiased governance: equal rights, equal responsibilities.

Protecting the rights of all its citizens equally, while also holding everyone equally responsible for abiding by laws that serve to benefit our society, is a fundamental tenet of America’s constitutional democracy. Our laws must be unbiased and religiously neutral.

When the government favors one group and their belief system over another, it relegates all others to a second-class status. Secular values voters believe in an America where citizens of all faiths and of none are equally protected and held equally accountable by the law.

Key Issues

Equal Rights

No matter who you are and what you believe in, we all deserve equal protection and equal rights before the law.

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Protecting Civil Rights and Defending True Religious Freedom

Religion is never an excuse to discriminate. We stand firm against attempts to codify religious beliefs into law that would deprive citizens of their civil rights. 

Georgia State Capitol

Government Funded Discrimination

Private institutions that choose to use religion as a tool to discriminate should not receive funding from the government. This amounts to taxpayer funded discrimination.

No Religious test

No Religious Test for Office

Article 6 of the U.S. Constitution prohibits a religious test for elected office. Yet nonreligious candidates continue to be stigmatized and discouraged from being openly secular.

Equal Responsibilities

We all have a responsibility to obey the law and respect the rights of our fellow citizens. No one is above the law.


Tax Transparency and Fairness

All nonprofits should be transparent and held accountable to American taxpayers. Religious organizations should be held to the same tax filing standards as all other charities.


Religious Exemptions to Child Welfare Laws

The government has a duty to protect children’s health and safety. Religious exemptions to child welfare laws, such as medical neglect and abuse and regulation of child daycare centers, must be repealed across the board.