Freedom is a Secular Value

Beliefs should be protected, never imposed.

A society that truly respects the freedom of the individual must strike a balance between protecting freedom of thought and belief, and protecting citizens from being forced to conform to the beliefs of others.

Secular values voters stand with their friends and neighbors of faith in preserving the secular character of our government as the best way to guarantee that individual beliefs are protected.

Key Issues


Blasphemy and Apostasy Laws

Freedom of speech is a fundamental American value. The United States must stand up for religious freedom abroad by condemning the use of blasphemy and apostasy laws to silence nontheists and religious minorities.

Army proselytism

Respecting Nontheists Serving in the Military

Those who serve our country should be treated with respect. Yet nontheistic servicemembers are often subjected to proselytism and forced to participate in religious activities.

Health care

Keeping Health Care Policy Religiously Neutral

When it comes to your health care decisions, the only beliefs that matter are yours. Health care should not be dictated or compromised by personal, sectarian religious beliefs. 

Secular Recovery Programs

When a citizen convicted of a drug crime is sentenced to mandatory rehabilitation, the government must provide access to options that are evidence based and religiously neutral.

Your right to die with dignity

Terminally ill patients deserve access to the full range of end of life care, including the right to peacefully end their life on their own terms, if and when they choose to.

Restoring True Religious Freedom

The Religious Freedom Restoration Act has nothing to do with religious freedom. It gives businesses, nonprofits, and individuals a license to discriminate.