Getting your vehicle inspected by professionals of Pink Slip Stanmore

Similar to your health check for the sake of staying healthy, your car is not different in terms of having regular check-ups. It is shaking when you are squealing or accelerating while you are trying to stop it when you feel that your vehicle believes strangely. You should be focusing on these signs as they would be indicated some further issues down the line when you feel that your vehicle is behaving oddly. It is when you should call in the professionals from Pink Slip Stanmore.

The following are a few warning signs indicating that it is the best time when you need to schedule a check-up:

1. Flashing Check Engine Light

It is an important sign that denotes that something is working adversely in your vehicle amongst the hundreds of computer monitors present in the car. The normal illuminated check engine light is an indicator that you should get your engine checked sooner than later, although it is not a cause for panic.

You need to have the engine checked immediately when the little light on the dash resembles the engine-looking symbols. It can also be an issue with the emissions that might be damaging to the vehicle that is driven instead of being repaired.

2. Vehicle Stalling 

The other major sign that needs your attention is stalling. It may not appear like a big deal if your vehicle is stalling once more. You may find yourself in the most dangerous situation if the vehicle stalls at pivotal moments like the busier intersections or on the highway.

There would be several reasons why staling may happen that would significantly be out of a bad spark plug or even a clogged oil filter. These are the issues that can be prevented and treated with proper maintenance works. You should be doing everything in order to make sure that your vehicle is in proper working condition due to the potential dangers.

3. Noises while driving

The droning and dragging noise may come out of the wheels that are either in the front or the back and can be a wheel bearing or differential bearing that is becoming bad.

The squealing or the grinding noise while slowing down is mainly due to the brakes, and it will have to be checked. It can also be caused by a failing belt, a bad water pump, or something else altogether. Any kind of squeal, rattle and other unusual noise that comes out of the engine can indicate a serious issue. It is best to have your vehicle checked sooner when you are hearing something that is suspicious.

4. Fluid Leakage

You need to take your car immediately to the mechanic if you notice any kind of major leaks underneath your car on the ground where you normally park.

You will also wish to look for the bright green or dark red/brown colour towards the front side of the car. In the summer months, with operating air conditioners, there will be freshwater dripping from the front end near the passenger side, as this is normal on the side note.

5. Excessive Vibration

Excessive vibration is always a red flag. Vibrations may appear that your rotors or the brake pads are worn out. It can be a signal that fails at the universal joint or worn or unbalanced tires if you feel shaking while accelerating.

These are the inspections you should attend in order to pass the pink slip camperdown test!