About Secular Values


Beliefs Protected, Not Imposed
A society that truly respects the freedom of the individual must strike a balance between protecting freedom of thought and belief, and protecting citizens from being forced to conform to the beliefs of others.

Secular values voters stand with their friends and neighbors of faith in preserving the secular character of our government as the best way to guarantee that individual beliefs are protected. Learn more.


All Faiths and None
In the American melting pot, people come from all walks of life, yet can feel connected to each other through shared pride of our national heritage. Every American, no matter who they are and what they believe, should feel included in our national symbols and traditions.

When the government favors any one group or another, we are divided by our differences instead of unified. In a secular country, patriotism has no religion.

Secular values voters stand for a religiously neutral government that celebrates and fosters the diversity of its citizens. Learn more.


Unbiased Governance
Protecting the rights of all its citizens equally, while also holding everyone equally responsible for abiding by laws that serve to benefit our society, is a fundamental tenet of America’s constitutional democracy. Our laws must be unbiased and religiously neutral.

When the government favors one group and their belief system over another, it relegates all others to a second-class status.

Secular values voters believe in an America where citizens of all faiths and of none are equally protected and held equally accountable by the law. Learn more.


Information Empowers
We are constantly in awe of the scientific and technological accomplishments human beings have made, particularly how these advances have improved and saved so many lives. Continued progress depends on society valuing science and fostering free inquiry.

When the government skews scientific findings for ideological reasons or suppresses accurate information, it restricts freedom of thought and halts scientific progress.

Secular values voters stand for an America where all citizens have access to the most accurate information available, empowering every individual to reach his or her greatest potential. Learn more.