How to Safely Identify Psilocybin Mushrooms

Have you ever heard of people being rushed to the emergency room because of mold poisoning? This common occurrence occurs because people believe they "know" which mushrooms are safe to eat and which are not.

With psychoactive mushrooms (also called "magic mushrooms") things get more complicated because the psychological profile of those who try this type of mushroom involves a higher risk tolerance. You can purchase Psilocybin Mushrooms online via mungus.

For this reason, it is important to invest a lot of time in learning the specific properties of the psilocybin mushroom before taking and eating it. This can mean the difference between a pleasant spiritual experience and emergency treatment with severe poisoning.

What is psilocybin mushroom?

Before we get into that, what exactly is the psilocybin mushroom? The psilocybin mushroom is the most popular of the "magic mushrooms", meaning mushrooms with psychoactive properties.

They are considered sacred medicines among local tribes and have been used extensively in religious and spiritual ceremonies in the past, particularly in Central and South America. Although they are currently classified as a List 1 drug in the US, the latest research from John Hopkins looks very promising.

Several studies have shown that taking psilocybin mushrooms can have beneficial effects for people suffering from a variety of psychiatric disorders, from anxiety to obsessive-compulsive disorder to depression.

Another study from Johns Hopkins University found that most participants rated this as one of the most significant spiritual experiences of their lives. He also proved that consuming psilocybin mushrooms had a lasting positive effect on consumers' personalities.