How To Use A Network Marketing Business Journal For Profit

In the current era of inter-network marketing it is very important  to keep a network marketing business journal. A journal doesn’t need to be a large size book you need to carry around with you wherever you go, but a small pocket notebook.

So why do you need to carry a business journal with you? Simple, to write down ideas. You can get ideas anytime in your mind. By keeping a business journal, at least you’ll know where those thoughts and ideas are written.

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How To Implement Your Great Ideas 

This is a good point and we will give you a process to help you focus on each individual idea you have and overcome the overwhelming factor.

  1. At the beginning of each week, check your diary and look at the list for a project.
  2. Choose a single project.
  3. Your task for the week is to focus solely on this project until it is running.

Many times, it may only take you a day or two to put one of the ideas in your network marketing journal into practice but the aim is teaching you to focus because trying to take on too many tasks at the one time is asking for trouble.

Another point to consider is that the list of ideas should also have the potential to add to your bottom line.This makes sense but you won’t believe how many people put trivial things down on a list that really shouldn’t be there.

So remember this, if the idea ain’t going to make you money, just discard it or put it onto a reserve list for further analysis.