Italian Dining With Black Truffle Sea Salt

Black truffles are a great ingredient in many Italian dishes. Known as the jewel of the Alps, these edible fungi provide a wonderful contrast to their plentiful pine and oak tree counterparts. They are also delicious when cooked with other herbs and are used in many Italian dishes for their distinctive flavor.

The substance known as truffles is actually a fungus that produces a pleasant, sweet smell. If you were to grill truffles, they would actually turn black as the sugars inside them caramelize. It is not rare for truffles to be "cooked" by heating, often resulting in a burnt or slightly burned taste to the fungi. However, cooking is not the cause of this problem, rather it is an indication that your food has been undercooked.

Truffles can be purchased dried, though this is not the preferred method. The natural vitamin content and potency of dried mushrooms cannot be replicated at home, and they are typically picked while still on the vine. Because of this, truffles are generally more expensive than fresh mushrooms.

There are many ways to make your truffles look even more beautiful and appetizing, and the best way to do this is by using black truffle salt. In addition to a vibrant color, the salts give the mushroom their distinct taste and aroma. You can buy this kind of salt in your local supermarket, though you may find that local organic farms offer the most flavorful truffles.

When you purchase your organic black truffles, remember to read the label on the bag to ensure that it contains no additives. When you cook them, the salt will enhance the flavors so you want to avoid the added ingredients in the bag, such as butter, cheese, or cream.

There are many ways to use black truffle sea salt. Though they taste especially delicious when used in dishes that feature wine or cheese, they also make excellent garnishes. Use them on top of fruits and vegetables for a unique touch.

The reason that black truffle sea salt is so wonderful is because of its naturally high iron content. In addition to contributing to the special effects of the mushrooms, it also offers an iron-boosting effect to your body. This can come in very handy if you have an iron deficiency or anemia, which is common among those who live in areas that have low iron levels.

Because the black truffle sea salt will be used directly on the mushroom, make sure to make it personal to you, as you know what flavors are best for you. For instance, most prefer fennel-based salts.

Black truffle sea salt has a bitter flavor, though it is commonly regarded as the tastiest. In Italy, these salts are associated with the popular blue cheese fondue. So make it a point to put a good amount on a bag of fresh mushrooms before you eat.

If you make your own homemade cheese fondue, the best thing about making your own white cheese fondue is that you can vary the flavors and cheeses. You can add different types of fish, as well as your favorite fruits or herbs.

You can even mix up the blue cheese and mushroom mix in a baking dish, then sprinkle in other ingredients while the mixture is baking. The best combination of these two can be pickled mushrooms, wild mushrooms, green olives, and some Brussels sprouts. This type of dish will be very tasty and is guaranteed to please you and everyone you serve it to.

Using black truffle salt is certainly a unique way to get your daily dose of tasty mushrooms. You will enjoy the stunning colors, flavors, and aromas of this salt and enjoy the wonderful taste of the mushrooms. Use your creativity and imagination to create some of your own delicious recipes.