Messenger Bot – Replacing A Live Customer Service Agent

A bot or personal bot is an artificial intelligence software that uses AI to open and sustain conversations with humans. Users can simply type out a message to their friends and the bot will reply to them instantly with relevant responses. Likewise, a Facebook Messenger bot exists in Facebook Messenger and chats with millions of Facebook Messenger members each month. As of the writing of this article, Facebook has more than two hundred million active users.

The first and most popular form of Facebook Messenger Bot is the Google Search Bot. This bot store allows the user to search information from the Google database and suggest answers based on different categories such as music, news, etc. This is very useful when searching for specific terms that have not been indexed by the user's own Knowledge Panel. For instance, if a user searches for "bands" in Google, Messenger Bots will suggest different music-related pages to the user.

Messenger Bot also integrates with social networking platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It allows users to share news, tweets, photos, and videos they may find interesting through their social media accounts. In addition, many users can get instant advice on different topics through their MySpace, Facebook, and Google+ accounts. This bot also integrates with social bookmarking services such as Delicious and Digg. Users can search the web using their favorite social bookmarking site and have the bot deliver bookmarks related to their searches.

As you can see, Messenger Bot is able to perform a number of functions that save time for users. This innovative bot has become so popular that several companies are offering Messenger Bot services to help people with their daily tasks. Companies such as Yahoo! and Sherpa allow users to search their desktop or laptop computers for important documents, contacts, and files. Messenger chat bots are able to scan these items and retrieve them for the user's use.

As you can see, the major advantages of Messenger Bot are the convenience and benefits it provides. However, it is important to note that this bot does have its limitations. These include speed, volume, and some functionality issues. Since it is still in the early stages of development, it may not be able to replace your traditional computer browser. The major advantages, however, make this chat application an exciting addition to your phone and tablet device.

Another major advantage of Messenger Bot is its integration with social networking services. Users can now get access to a number of popular social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest. This is especially convenient for those who do a lot of group activities on these sites. One disadvantage of Messenger Bot is that it cannot open attachments from these services.

A major disadvantage of the chatbot is its limited ability to understand and reply to customer service queries. There are times when the customer service representative is speaking in a foreign language, and the bot fails to understand what she is saying. In addition, because of its limitation in knowing customer service information, it may not be able to give timely assistance.

Overall, Messenger Bot is great for business people who want to be connected with their customers at the right time. For smaller businesses, this application can act as an effective assistant in fulfilling their customer service needs. Since it allows you to search files and retrieve them at the touch of a button, it eliminates a lot of tedious and time-consuming work. Plus, if you have a business wherein you provide live chat service, this is the perfect boat to use as a replacement for your in-house customer service agent. Messenger Bot can help improve the performance of your business, so it's definitely worth trying out.