Some Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Regular carpet cleaning is necessary if you want to preserve the quality and the life of your carpet. It is recommended that you have it cleaned by a professional cleaner regularly. However, some people do not feel the need to hire a professional cleaner. Instead, they rely on their general knowledge to clean their carpets. You can also look for pridecarpetcleaning to get professional carpet cleaning services in Perth.

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Below is a look at some of the common carpet cleaning myths people believe:

A New Carpet Does Not Require Cleaning

A common misconception among many carpet owners is that carpet cleaning is only necessary when the dirt becomes visible. Most people believe that a new carpet should not be cleaned for the first two years or until the dirt becomes visible. 

There Is No Need For A Professional Cleaner If You Have A Machine

It is common for many people to buy or hire a carpet cleaning machine so they can save on professional cleaning services. If you are not sure what needs to be done, cleaning your carpets using a machine is one of the worst decisions you can make. Most cleaning machines will pump water into the carpets, but cannot suction it out. 

Generic Cleaning Products Are As Good As Professional Ones

Generic stain removal products are cheap, available widely, and easy to purchase. However, these products are not very effective and most of them contain an assortment of harsh chemicals that are designed to deal with a broad scale of carpet stains. While many of these products will remove stains from your carpet, there is a high chance that they will damage your carpet or discolor it.