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African Tour

The Fantastic African Family Adventure

With the overwhelming diversity of 800 million inhabitants, speaking about 1000 dialects in 54 countries, Africa is the world's second-largest continent.

Often, Africa is associated with a bad misunderstanding but it is actually a land of paradise presenting non-stop adventure and sunny skies throughout the year. Grandeur African expedition is absolutely the perfect vacation for the whole family.

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Activities such as bush treasure hunts, whale study, horseback riding, night drives, and immersion in the local culture will ensure an exciting experience for the whole family! African family safari is a great way to spend quality time-leaving the bustle of the city, breathe fresh air and feasting your senses in Africa.

Although famous for a great adventure, African family safari is just a thimble list of exciting and fun activities in Africa. Every country in the African continent has something new and fantastic offers.

Ancient temples and pyramids made Egypt famous. It inspires wonder discreet way of life and governance of the ancient world. The final resting place of the pharaoh is certainly a crowd-magnet around the world.

Funny Mount Kilimanjaro, the tropical beaches of Zanzibar and the exhilarating wildlife of Serengeti plains are the places Tanzania can best offer.

"Cradle of humanity" Kenya promotes the African safari where elephants, lions, tigers, and other African animals roam in natural parks located in their natural habitat. District business as usual and an eclectic selection of urban pleasures are also enjoyed Nairobi, the Kenyan capital.