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Architecture and Design

Repairing of Wooden Floors for Better Look

From time to time your wooden floors need to be repaired or to remove scratches or stains or even to repair floors that were poorly placed in the first place. You can choose the best ‘modern architecture from” (also known as ”moderne arkitektur fra” in the Norwegian language).

Scratches can be sanded with fine to medium sandpaper. However, it is recommended to replace the colored board, because depending on the depth of the stain. If you are fortunate enough to inherit the original hardwood flooring or want to restore the floor that you covered the carpet many years ago, you may need to do some repairs. 

This includes replacing parts of old wooden floors with new wood. If you must do this, it is recommended to get wood that matches real wood in color and type as closely as possible.

After repairs, the floor must be smoothed by machine and all gaps filled. This allows you to adjust the color of the floor to the color of your choice. Sometimes stains on your floor will only be seen after grinding the machine or even after applying the newly selected coating. In this case, you can replace or leave this part because it gives character to the floor.

The original parquet floor is glued and nailed with the help of a copper head. Over the years, this has eroded and left stains around each fixation. Unfortunately, this stain cannot be removed, but it must be said that it is part of the nature of the floor.

When installing new parquet, headless stainless steel pins are used to prevent this problem from happening in the future.