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automotive spray booth

Why Truck Paint Booth is Essential for Your Shop

Sometimes you need a bigger booth to get the job done! Paint jobs come in all shapes and sizes and truck paint booth is equipped to fit large equipment and vehicles. We offer stock and custom sized truck paint booths that can be purchased with a variety of upgrades. 

Truck paint booth will give your shop a professional look and with the added capability of handling larger projects, you will have the opportunity to increase revenue. You can visit to get information about large truck paint booth manufacturers in CA.

High-Quality Cabin Construction

Products being ETL listed to ensure they are built using exacting standards to provide consistent quality for our customers.  The truck paint booth has galvanized steel wall panels, CNC cut J-Beam supports, engineered steel stiffeners that ease installation, and they are fitted with Class 1, Div II LED color-correct light fixtures to ensure full booth illumination. 

Airflow options

Full Downdraft: Water enters the booth through the intake plenum fully enclosed screened at the ceiling and pulled vertically downwards throughout the vehicle and through the exhaust holes screened floor or basement.

Downdraft side: Water enters the chamber through the same process with full Downdraft, but then pulled away and discharged through a filter located at floor level on both sides of the booth. Type selection does not require the airflow exhaust vent.

Cross-draft Design: The fully screened enclosed plenum intake is located in front of the cabin and pulled around the vehicle in the current parallel to the floor through a filter that is located at the back of the booth.