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Award-Winning Places To Stay In

Top Maui Hotels – Award-Winning Places To Stay In

There are about 98 Maui hotels, so when you take a holiday trip to the island of Maui South Pacific first, this number can be overwhelming. Accommodations are as varied as the island beaches. There are accommodations for every type of budget. There are luxury hotels, mid-priced hotels, condominiums, and also for family vacations too. 

If you are also planning for a trip to Maui then you can book your Maui hotel via in advance so as to get rid of any problem when you reach there. Below given is the list of some famous hotels of Maui, have a look at them.

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Great Wailea:

Grand Wailea is a combination of resort, hotel, and spa. It is located at 3850 Wailea Alanui Maui, this hotel has won perhaps prices for hotels and resorts. The spa treatment facility in Grand Wailea is the largest in Hawaii and offers more than one hundred varieties of body care and beauty. 

Four Seasons Resort:

Sitting next to the Grand Wailea is the Four Seasons Resort. Located at the Alunui 3900 Wailea. Moreover, Four Seasons Resort offers access to several types of recreation, including golf courses with 18 holes, tennis clubs, hot tubs, and free use of bicycles, and many more. 

Kapalua Resort:

On the northwest coast of Maui is the Kapalua resort. This 23,000-acre complex and the master-planned community were named one of the best in the world to stay. Kapalua Resort facilities include 3 championship golf courses, tennis clubs, shops, and art galleries. Also in the resort community there is also a marine life conservation district, a Hawaiian burial place, the wildlife sanctuaries, and historic churches and plantation homes.