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All About the Aroma Therapy Essential Oils

The use of essential oils, derived from pure plant essence is not a new concept. Even though the use of aromatherapy through oils can be traced back to prehistoric times, the actual phrase was not coined until the late 1920's. Every civilization throughout the years have added to the science of aroma therapy, Chinese Egyptian years, Greeks, Romans, and even Indian cultures all are added touch to aromatherapy.

In aromatherapy research courses continues today with more and more developments. The use of these aroma therapy essential oils is no longer limited only to cosmetic or aromatic. But extend to aromatherapy candles and many essential oils to give a massage.

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There are quite a few oils that have therapeutic benefits and or medicinal. There are many species of plants that have medicinal properties similar. The Indian basil or otherwise known as the plant "Tulsi" is considered the elixir of life because it is thought to bring longevity to life. Sore head, inflammation and heart disease are all conditions that have been treated with plant extracts. Herbal even toiletries use found an essence of "Karpoora tulsa".

When processing the plant for essential oils, almost all parts of the plant will be used. The parts of the plant such as leaves, stems, flowers and roots are distilled with steam and the resulting water in the produced oils.