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Cloud Computing – What Are the Special Characteristics?

Cloud computing is gradually becoming the dominant new service model for providing IT resources and services to businesses and individuals. This also applies to infrastructure resources, e.g. Server and network storage, developer platform architecture, e.g. the platform is based on .NET and Java and allows the installation of applications and software applications that can be accessed directly from the cloud or from a cloud provider.

The main categories of cloud computing services are referred to as "infrastructure as a service", "platform as a service", and "software as a service". You can also browse online if you are looking for the leading cloud computing provider in Australia.

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There are many service providers that offer services that fall into one or more of these categories.  Many are familiar with the types of initial application services (ASP) and hosting services organizations have used in the past, often with good results.

People sometimes get confused about the difference between cloud computing, ASP, and hosting. What does cloud computing basically have or what other well-known service model doesn't?

Obviously, there are many common components that this service model shares, such as:  Simplification and centralization of infrastructure, internet dependence, and technology convergence, but there are some specific features cloud computing actually adds, including the following:

  • Automation – ie. Deployment, troubleshooting and configuration
  • Virtualization – The IT infrastructure is virtualized, which increases usage
  • Self-service – users select, configure and modify the resources and services themselves
  • Pay as you go – Pay only for what you use, with no upfront or minimum fees