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The Different Types of Trucks

You know that there are a lot of different types of trucks. With the exception of the consumer trucks you see on the road and those you can buy from your local dealer, the number and variety of utility vehicles and trailers on the road at any given time is actually a bit surprising.

You can have a look at some of the types of trucks you may encounter along the way.

Flatbed truck

As the name suggests, this truck has a bunk without sides or a top, which allows for the transport of goods that are not susceptible to the elements, especially construction machinery. Flatbed trucks are also great for carrying loads of unusual sizes or shapes that don't fit onto a side or top trailer and are especially useful because they can be loaded and unloaded from any angle.

Box Truck

If you've ever driven on a U-Haul or similar service, you're behind the wheel of a panel van. Although they are usually mounted on general truck bodies, some of the larger ones can be built on top of commercial vehicles.

These trucks are great because they allow people to move large items or bulk goods that normal cars, trucks or delivery vans cannot normally support and which can be rented for personal use at different times.

Refrigerator truck

When perishable items need to be moved, they are stored in the refrigerator truck. Unlike traditional insulated or ventilated trucks, refrigerated vehicles have an active cooling device on the trailer to maintain safe temperatures for the items inside.