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Customized Business Cards

Best Marketing Tool: Double-Sided Business Cards

We can only be thankful for smart people who find two-sided business cards! Not only does this provide your business contact data, but they also offer very important additional information about the service that you specialize in.

You may get new stylish business cards designed for your business by business card printing company. If you want to hire a relaible company to get your business card print, you may click here.

The problem with most traditional cards is that they do not say much in terms of what you do, and what makes you stand out from the rest.

For example, if you are the owner of ABC Manufacturing Company, and it was all written on your business card plus your contact information, the person you give the card to the end may forget what you really.

Double-sided business cards, however, offer more despite the higher printing costs. These calling cards can cleverly display the usual information on the front plus a reason why you're the best in the industry behind.

A paid consultant who earns a living by giving lectures and seminars make full use of this two-sided card. They have their contact info, including online portfolio URL and e-mail address at the front, while the back displays a bulleted list of seminar topics they specialize in.

Their double-sided card, therefore, is something like a mini-brochures that help people think about them every time they come on this topic. In addition, the consultants can add the new topics of their seminar and keep it up to date.