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dog training tips

Basic Dog Training – Dog Personality Types

The same as the individual being the puppy has many varying character types in their species. In case you've got a particularly sensitive breed of dog, like a bulldog or even a Golden Retriever, you'll have to take an extremely calm procedure of dog training.  You can get more information on basic dog training via


There are six chief personalities in dogs:

  •  Strong-Willed
  •  High Energy
  •  Responsive & Intelligent
  •  Aggressive & Dominant

You can study the individual dogs you will inevitably discover that each separate dog possesses a completely different personality to the next one. You can categorize most of them into particular personality types initially due to stereotyping of the breed as a whole.

You have to know about which kind of character your dog needs & then you can choose which sort of dog training to execute.

A timid, insecure & insecure dog needs patience & understanding, you shouldn't hurry these puppies, you have to embrace reward fundamental dog training regime for this specific personality type & certainly never exhibit disapproval or develop a punishment regime.

Never allow your puppy on beds, chairs or laps because this instantly brings him/her into your degree & only reinforces your pet's societal status. If your dog tries to initiate any sort of action out of or together with you, even if it's only attention dismiss him/her.