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ecu tuning

ECU Remapping – It’s Importance For The Better Performance Of The Car

Most of the vehicles contain ECU (Engine Control Unit). It is the central part of the Car's engine that controls the functioning of the car. However, the default settings are not always the best suited for an effective and economical drive.

This is mainly due to the fact that different car manufacturers use various factors such as climatic conditions, driving laws, and fuel qualities into account to control the engine control unit and the software it uses. You can get the performance ecu tuning service whenever required.

When the car is remapped, the altered new software is plugged into the car's serial port in order to overwrite the engine map with a new and refined version to increase the engine performance substantially.

This article here discusses the benefits of the ECU remapping process for better car efficiency. The remapping, tuning or chipping, process allows you to change the ECU parameters by giving more economy and performance to your car. The process works a little differently for petrol and diesel variants.

The process of ECU remapping increases the performance of the car by increasing power and torque. The basic purpose of the remap is to enhance the performance by changing the software default settings of the engine control unit. The process generally takes 30 minutes to an hour and effectively boosts the engine's performance.

ECU remapping increases the speed and power of the car by changing the horsepower. It also provides much better and smoother power performance. Diesel remap gives better power and torque than the petrol versions.