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How To Get Best Result From Tweezers In Plucking Hair Removal Techniques

Plucking is done with tweezers. Plucking is a very effective way to remove unwanted hair from the body. However, this is a very time-consuming task, so it is ideal for small areas like eyebrows. The hair should be long enough for the pins to catch it.

Hair is plucked straight from the root. It is very painful and causes redness of the skin. But signs of skin irritation go away quickly. Pain can be minimized by opening the pores of the skin with a hot towel or by taking a hot shower before removing it. You can also buy glad lash tweezers online.

If the pain is unbearable, tooth gel can be used to minimize pain. Checking which hair to pull out regularly every few days can also help relieve the pain because that way you only need to pull out two or three strands of hair. Good quality tweezers should be used.

Best picking tips –

o The skin should be gently stretched.

o Hair should be kept close to the roots.

o Hair should be pulled gently and firmly (if the hair breaks on the surface it can cause ingrown hairs).

It is important to note that excessive hair removal should be avoided as this will result in permanent hair removal.