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Different Styles of Ladies Plus Size Panties

Women today have a dazzling array of panty styles from which to choose, all in the infinite variety of fabrics and colors. With so many varieties, it is no wonder that some of us confused with boxer shorts and tongas or confused with straps and G-string. This will remove the panty guide everything for you with an explanation of twelve style pants found in the market.

Tap Pants

This is the closest thing the modern woman have flapper step in and tap the plus size pants more feminine version of boxer shorts. Usually made of soft, lightweight fabrics like satin and silk, they feature an elastic waist and loose, short, full foot. You can buy plus size lingerie through


Pants commonly known by people who don`t appreciate them called "granny panties." Plus size pants offer coverage from the waist to the natural crease where your legs meet your body. They are very good to sleep in, especially when made of white cotton, which allow your skin to breathe.

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French Cut Panties

This section also offers a number of full coverage of the waist at the back, but the hole in the front legs are cut very high on the hip. Plus size pants French cut preferred by women who do not like the tight elastic around their legs. They also elongate the appearance of your legs, which is why this cut if it is so often used in the ass swimsuit.

High Cut Panties

These pants are a little skimpier version of French pieces. While the same leg holes, plus size high cut panties sits about 1 1/2 inches below your natural waist. It gives you full coverage that many women find more comfortable than having a waist right at their waists.


These garments are lower cut on the waist of high cut panties. Plus size hipsters sit 2 inches below the natural waistline and offering full coverage in the rear, with a foot hole cut as low as they were in the pants.