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Emerald: The Green Gemstone

Emerald is a highly sought after gemstone with lush green color. This enchanting stone has paralyzed people for hundreds of years, and many have been impressed by its magical charm.

Precious green gemstones are the color of nature that lives and breathes through the lush green of leaves and grasslands. Green is also the color of our emerald gems. Emeralds are the only gemstones that have a color called "emerald green".

Colorless, Pure, and emerald beryl gets a beautiful green color from the touch of chromium impurities in its molecular structure. Emerald is known to mankind and has been valued as a gemstone since ancient times when it was only found in Egypt. 

Today this green gemstone is mined almost all over the world. The color determines the quality of the emerald more than anything else. High-quality emeralds are rich in green and effervescent color, while smaller emeralds are paler and less lustrous. Additional elements must be considered in the color factor, i.e. stone shade. 

The same massive geological forces and stresses that contribute to the formation of emeralds also cause cracks and inclusions in gems, and nearly all emeralds have inclusions and crevices. It is very rare to find such crystal clear emeralds, and such gems require a high premium. 

Emerald must be cut well for optimal light and shine, although emeralds are not as important as cutting with other gemstones because emeralds are primarily valued by their color. Also, emeralds are usually too bright.