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Hostel Lombok

What to do on an Island?


Kudos to you for choosing to vacation on an island. It is one of the best and most relaxing places to take a vacation on. However, islands are a lot more than just relaxing. Here’s what you need to do on an island. 

Food – Islands are the best places to experience super fresh seafood. Grilled, fried, curry and more, you can find many deliciously cooked food that will make you fall in love with the cuisine even if you are not much of a foodie. 

Adventure – There is always something adventurous to be done on an island. From scuba diving and snorkeling to cave exploration and jungle walks, you can do a lot on an island as islands are blessed with a lot of beautiful flora and fauna that needs to be seen. 

Catch the Waves – If you are a surfing enthusiast or just want to try it out, you can do it on an island. If the island has gentle waves, you can have a good and safe time surfing. You can rent boards and there are professionals as well who can teach you. 

Fishing – Yes, this is one of the most relaxing activities. Enquire about special places where you can go and fish and just relax trying to catch the local fish species. Sometimes, you need to take permission from the local authorities so be sure to do that. 

Relax – And yes, don’t forget to kick back and relax. Enjoy the cool waters, soak in the sun and just enjoy the time going by.

You can do this all by booking a stay in a hostel in Lombok and enjoy this great island.