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Achieving Pain Relief With Infrared Sauna Therapy

Millions of people suffer from pain. It can be temporary, resulting from an injury that will heal. It can also be chronic, which means it does not ever completely go away. Because there are so many causes, there are also many treatments.

Unfortunately, most results from an injury or a condition are so intense and getting help seems impossible. Prescription medications are always an option, but many sufferers do not want horrible side effects or dangerous risks. Alternative treatments are available. Pain relief with infrared sauna therapy is one such treatment.

There are two different forms of these saunas. They both provide the same benefits. The only difference between the two types is the method used for infrared heating and how quickly help is experienced. You can also get more information about infrared sauna therapy at

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A far infrared sauna is the first type. Instead of lamps, these saunas will use metallic or ceramic heating elements to produce the heat that is necessary. They do not use heated moist air.

Lamp saunas differ from the first type. This version uses special lamps to provide the heat. The light you see is yellow, orange, and red. The different incandescent lamps emit different levels. The ranges go from almost full infrared to the middle to a small level of far heat.

The idea behind the three colors is that when used in conjunction with the heat, certain areas and organs can be targeted. Chronic discomfort is usually a problem that occurs with many different conditions that affect the body, like arthritis and fibromyalgia.