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All About School Safety

Millions of parents out there who are excited that the school year has started and our kids are learning and having fun at school. When it comes to child safety, there is no bigger topic than school safety. We have all seen the rise in incidents of violence at schools all across the country.

The good news is that law enforcement and school systems have been working on making schools safer for our kids for a number of years now. The result has been a better understanding of how to prevent and deal with school violence. You can also choose the best high school in Amsterdam for your kids.

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Many schools have a police officer assigned full time to their schools and we cannot express how important this is. A school resource officer is a police officer who been selected to work in a school full time because they have particular skills that make them a valuable tool to the school system. A school resource officer goes to an in-depth training school where they are trained how to prevent, deter, and respond to violence in schools.

A school resource officer spends 5 days a week in they assigned school and they perform their duties just like the Police Officers who patrol your neighborhood. They school resource officer patrols the school on foot which is important because of what we refer to as high visibility is when a Police Officer is routinely seen by the law abiding citizens and the criminal element.

The law abiding citizens feel more comfortable because they routinely see a Police Officer who is looking out for their safety. The criminal element refrains from doing crime in area where they frequently see a Police Officer on patrol. Criminals will move on to other areas to commit crimes when they see frequent Police patrols.

The school resource officer performs high visibility patrols by walking the school grounds and patrolling in his police car or golf cart. The simple task of frequently patrolling the school grounds is highly effective because it deters criminals from the outside entering the school with the intent of committing crimes.

It is very easy for the school resource officer to determine the kids who should be closely monitored. Kids with arrest records or a prior history of violence are at the top of the list of kids to monitor.