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lampshades & lighting products in Dublin

Decorating With Stiffel Lamps and Lampshades

The Stiffel lamps and lampshades are an inherent part of most decorators and designers. Manufactured by the Stiffel company, founded by Ted Stiffel in Chicago in Chicago in around 1932.

The Stiffel Company has long based its business on the talents of its great designers and specialized in the old world antique style and charm. With the excellence in design and high product standards, The Stiffel Company is known and recognized as a leader in the arena of innovative lamp designs and lighting.

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Prior to this time, my lamp experience had been the type of lamp from a K-Mart or if you were really splurging, a furniture store. My wife picked out lamps that I regarded as very expensive. They were also the heaviest lamps I had ever come across. Her reply and justification.." they're Stiffel lamps."

If you are preparing to change the appearance or decor of a room in your room, you should keep in mind the lighting. Changing the lighting in any room can make a dramatic difference in any room. The ambiance can be easily changed by softening the light. This can be accomplished by using one of the "soft white bulbs, such as those by GE. Another way to accomplish this is by changing a lampshade. Most bedrooms have a lamp on each side of the bed. They should be identical lamps to provide uniformity as well as continuity.

You can use the internet to research the many types of lamps that are available. Sources might include tips from interior designers or decorators. Lamp manufacturers also provide information on their lamps.