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What Do You Mean by Prebiotic Diet?

Prebiotic words and probiotics are relatively new for our vocabulary, but what they stand for is not new at all. Thousands of years old prebiotic diets, and probiotics are beneficial bacteria that have lived in our intestinal tract since we were born.

Scientists find new facts about how prebiotics work in our digestive system and the word becomes more popular lately. There are several new and interesting discoveries that will make anyone more interested in the prebiotic diet. You can contact us to get more information regarding prebiotic supplements or medicines.

Research has proven that a diet consisting of prebiotic foods is usually able to reduce the risk of type-2 diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure level, obesity, constipation, hemorrhoids, diverticulosis, and inflammatory bowel disease

One of the most important functions of prebiotics in particular is fermented fibers. When the food fiber touched the point two, he began a fermentation process that produced short chain fatty acids. This is this acid that can stop dangerous pathogenic bugs from forming cells on the intestinal wall where they can grow into cancer polyps.

Most of the prebiotic food comes from one of our 3 main food groups; carbohydrate. This is a food group that includes grains, nuts, nuts and grains, vegetables, and fruits. The problem that most of us have is we are too dependent on very processed modern foods that we buy in stores and fast food restaurants. This food does not contain enough nutrients we need to have a true prebiotic diet.