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Simple Tips to Make a Stronger Password

One major problem with creating a password, is that users forget them. In an effort to combat these users start using the simple things, Mis pet's name, child's date of birth, the couple's first name, year running – anything to give the user a hint to remember their passwords.

For a hacker who has managed to gain access to your computer that is like locking your car and leave the keys on the roof. Without using special tools hackers were able to get all sorts of sensitive information – your name, child's name, close relative's name, Date of Birth. You can explore to find the password generator.

All these and more are available from the majority society and all the social networking sites can be considered as potential passwords.

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Tips for a secure password:

1. Do not use personal information. It is too easy for a hacker to guess your password when it is or contains private information.

2. Do not use a real word. Today is quite easy for a hacker to get a run a program that will enter every word in the dictionary and try it as your password.

3. Mix different character types. When you create a password to replace some letters with numbers or just add the numbers in the middle of a word, both the make life difficult for hackers and may deter them from your network.

4. Use a password management tool. Secure password management tool and securely will store and remember your passwords, these tools save your password and user name in encrypted form. Some of these tools will even automatically fill in some of the passwords for you.