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Physical Fitness

Physical Fitness And Mental Health And Wellbeing Are Closely Linked

We are all aware of the physical benefits of a structured exercise program. Stronger muscles, joints and bones, weight control better body, protection from disease and slow the aging process.

But we tend to think of fitness as a stop in the neck and it is easy to forget that our brain is the central processing unit for the system and processes of the human body and health is essential to our well-being. You can get leadership assessment in Mindful Leadership.

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Often our mental health and wellbeing are taken for granted and it is easy to believe that prosperity is out of our hands. But the reality is that our mental health is closely linked to our physical health and if you have any physical ill-health that you can have a mental disability as well.

Research uncovers these links and the importance of physical activity both as a preventive and therapeutic drug for our mental and emotional health and well-being.

It is estimated that one person in each group of five people has a diagnosed mental disorder.

When our bodies do a vigorous physical movement that we are designed to do that make us feel good about ourselves when we work our muscles naturally occurring chemicals are released which regulate and calm emotions, relieve anxiety and stress.

Oil exercise the right wheel in our brain and increase their activities affect everything from the way we think, how we feel and what we do.

If you are in a cycle of negative thoughts and worries you can use your practice sessions as a distraction to take your mind off behavior patterns.