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Playground Safety Surfacing For Children

The design of the playgrounds is generally one of the primary contributing problems. Appropriate playground mats and park tiles may significantly lower the accidents resulting from these drops.

Why playground safety surfaces is significant?


A number of the gear could be anywhere from 6' to 10' and most of us know how much children like to climb. A whole lot of head injuries and wounded limbs may happen when a child drops out of these heights.

Sand isn't a recommended surface for many reasons. One is the children playing it readily remove the sand out of the desired area. If it becomes wet and packs it down is often very difficult to fall on also.

A safe substance that's suggested for playground safety surfacing now is rubberized playground mats and mats. You can get plastic tiles and mats from 1" to 4 1/4" in depth. Based upon the tallest height that's from the playground is how thick the mat or tile should be. These tiles and mats not only look good but most significantly they could greatly cut back on the amount of park fall accidents and protect those precious little ones.

So spend some time and start looking into using plastic tiles and mats now for the playground safety design needs. Whether your park reaches a college, church, daycare center, and playground, or even in your own backyard, it's best to have the suitable park rubber mats and tiles for cushioning.