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Refrigerator Cleaning Services

How To Properly Clean A Refrigerator?

Most people do not realize how much bacteria infestation can occur in places such as a stove or refrigerator. Recent research by the food inspection agency shows that the refrigerator is the cause in many cases of food poisoning each year. In many cases, it is as a result of evidence preservation of food in the fridge (things like chicken and cheese), or due to minimal cleaning should conduct a thorough top to bottom of the fridge each at least once a month.

You should use hazardous cleaning agent to remove the bacteria in your refrigerator. You can also look for the best and flexible solutions for your business needs to provide high quality, cost effective and sustainable solutions to our clients.

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A thorough cleaning of the refrigerator should start with the removal of all food from the refrigerator. Have a cooler or refrigerator other hand when you do to make sure that no food you have in your fridge deteriorate while you're cleaning.

After all the food has been removed, take out all removable parts of the refrigerator. Meat and vegetable drawers – a plastic cover to places like seasoning or butter tray, and any shelf. Soak it all in your kitchen sink in hot water with ordinary dish soap.

Use a cloth or sponge, and thoroughly wipe down every surface area inside the refrigerator, especially the corner and bases. Baking soda can be your best friend when it comes to the refrigerator. It has many practical applications and valuable – not only for cleaning, but also to remove the smell in it when you do not clean it.

Using a clean cloth or sponge, use hot water and soap to clean the rubber molding around the refrigerator and freezer doors. This is a special in which bacteria can fester. Proper maintenance and cleaning of the fridge could all but eliminate the presence of bacteria in your refrigerator.