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What’s So Trendy About Commercial Roofing?

Commercial roofing takes a professional team of installers to do the job correctly. The typical residential roof does not have multiple smokestacks, protruding pipes,  and airflow methods to fret about, so the job is comparatively straightforward. 

Steep roofs are candidates for slate, shingles, tiles, or synthetic tiles. The lifeline is generally about 15 years and pitch matters as far as a commercial roofing installation.

commercial roofing redding

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Shingles made from asphalt are among the very inexpensive and supply long life expectancy, given the ideal climate conditions. They're more readily damaged by hail and fluctuating temperatures than any shingles and are only suggested for extreme pitches.

Fiberglass shingles are more fire and water-resistant because of the minerals created during creation. Furthermore, they're mold resistance, lightweight, and very flexible so they can be shaped to fit the region. Consulting a commercial roofing company would be the best bet here.

Slate shingles are more expensive to install and fix, and they weigh a ton, so the construction has to be suitable, but they continue for up to 100 decades. They're remarkably water repellant. Few businesses would consider this expense a requirement.

Metal roofs are known for durability but can be costly. They also reduce the price of heating and air conditioning and are watertight if installed properly by a commercial roofing company. 

Metal roofs dent readily when pelted with hail, and can rust. They are accessible as shingles today and come in several colors.