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Fun Outdoor Games for Family Entertainment

When official winter arrives and the first snowfall falls, many people like to crowd around the house in front of the campfire with a cup of hot chocolate. The change of time initially unites everyone and brightens our mood. 

However, after Christmas comes and goes and the snow is still there, we are tired of being crammed into the room, especially the children. You can now enjoy playing axe throwing in Lancaster CA via

How Axe Throwing Is Like Starting A Business

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Below are some fun winter family games to play with the outside:-

Tug of war: who doesn't love a good tug of war? The thing is, most people think it's a game for summer only. This is not true – in fact, if you play it in winter it's a lot more fun because you slide and slide on the snow! 

All you have to do is take a strong and sturdy rope and divide your family members into two teams. Then you are ready to go. Invite some neighbors to make the game more interesting. You can even have a winter tractor tournament when all the kids and adults play on your block!

Biggest Snowball: This game can be divided individually or into teams. All you have to do is snow and everything is ready. Players compete on the lawn and push their snowballs to make the biggest snowballs of all the participants.

The only rule is that the race ends when all the snow has rolled. Have fun!