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Which Topeak Trunk Bag Is Right For You?

If you're not a serious cyclists and instead you use your bicycle to commute, then having the ability to bring items with you is important. The Topeak trunk bag is one of the most popular accessories commuter bicyclists use to expand the amount of storage on their bike. The Topeak trunk bag pairs up nicely with the Topeak explorer rack to allow cyclist to easily attached the bag to the bike. The Topeak explorer rack will mount permanently to the rear of the bike, and then the Topeak trunk bag can slide on and off as needed. This trunk bag is super handy for carrying clothing or making a run to the grocery store to grab a few items. You can pop the Topeak trunk bag off of the bike and bring it into the grocery store with you and use it as a small shopping bag.

There are several versions of the Topeak trunk bags. The MTX trunk bag is one of the most popular options to attach to the explorer rack, while the DXP and DX versions of the bag are larger and less popular. It really just depends on your particular needs to determine which Topeak trunk bag you should use on your bike. If you only need to carry a little bit of stuff you should opt for the MTX bag. If you need to carry a ton of stuff you can get the DXP version with saddle bags. Just be sure to do some research on the Topeak trunk bag before you place your order, you might be surprised by the discount coupons you can find online to save money.