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Vaping Batteries Emergency Travel Charger

Vaping Charger is another company to release a battery backup device called the Emergency Travel Charger. The intended device into a USB battery charger, battery holder, emergency charger device, and LED torch.

Besides the version that we tested the electrical tips included for a device that utilizes a mini-USB, standard Nokia devices (not suitable for smartphones N-series), and smaller Sony-Ericsson electrical adapters. You can click here to this website to this website to get more information regarding Vaping Batteries.

The Emergency Travel Charger is very small and is about 1.5X the size of an AA battery. The outer shell is made of strong plastic and it will easily fit in a pocket or handbag.

This device can also be attached to a keyring so it is not easily lost.

To use the device battery is needed: either standard AA batteries or rechargeable AA batteries can be used with the device, although will obviously only recharge rechargeable batteries.

AA battery charging can be done using the provided USB cable which provides a slow trickle charge to the battery from a USB port on a PC backup

 In our tests, battery charging capability is very slow, taking more than 24 hours to fill some 3000mAh AA batteries (charging is indicated by a solid red LED).

Even when we charged the battery to full power using a separate charger is no indicator to say that the battery is fully charged at the Emergency Travel Charger.

LED torch facility is strong enough and powerful enough should you need to use them in an emergency.