Tile Options For Your Bathroom

If you are thinking about options for your bathroom floor, you might want to consider using the bathroom tiles. When it comes to that there are several options available. Today, we will tackle that subject. You will learn that the tile is very interesting and the most popular choice when it comes to choosing for the bathroom floor.

However, you may need some help from your local bathroom tilers in Perth to get some tile ideas and advice on what design to choose for your bathroom. They will help you accomplish a successful tiling project. So what is different tile options for your bathroom are available at your disposal?

Here is what you need to be able to make decisions for your flooring solution. In terms of selection of the tiles for your bathroom, we have three main options that manufacturers are selling in the market today. They are:


  • Much more expensive than ceramic but cheaper than natural stone materials.
  • Mid-range choice.
  • The standard size of 4×4 squares.
  • Special tiles on the store, you can find another selection of sizes and colours.


  • Standard size is 12×12 and 18×18 inches.
  • This is the cheapest option.
  • Do not give a lot of colours.

Natural stone

  • It is the most expensive option.
  • Different types of natural stone

Natural stone materials such as marble, travertine, granite and soapstone are very popular when it comes to the bathroom floor. Marble and granite are often sold by slabs. Travertine is sold with a standard size of 12 by 12 inches. The third choice would have been perfect in terms of look, feel and function but they vary in price.

Price is an important factor that you should consider when choosing a bathroom tile. Always remember that it depends on your budget. If you have the money to spend on natural stone, which is the most expensive among the three options, then go ahead.