Uses of Green Screen Backdrop

A green or blue backdrop is used for the creation of bottom layer. This layer is used to replace one image with the other according to its own preferences. There are many industries and domains where this technology is used. 

The most common of all is weather forecasts. Even though we see the weather forecast presenter standing in front of the world map, but not so. The presenter is made to stand before a plain colored screen which is green and sometimes blue in color. Later, with the help of video editor, the screen is replaced with a world map. If you are looking for the green screen backdrop then you can visit at

Image Source: Google

Similar processes can also be used for other tasks. Other industries that use this background extensively are the world of modeling. It's always impossible to go in a different location and shoot.

What is basically done is that the model was shot in various poses standing in front of the green screen. After clicking on various shots, with editing devices, a green background replaced with an exotic location. This gives a feeling as if a shot was taken in the actual place. This is done in Photoshop.

With green screen backdrop, it is anywhere that you can click pictures. In the world of digital photography, the background of the Kroma key remains the top preference when the image needs to be clicked or used in the video. Placing the fabric on the rear which is well stressed and wrinkle is the right choice.