Get out the Vote

Despite growing at an exponential rate, the nonreligious have only made up 12% of the total voter turnout in every election from 2008 to 2014 and increased to only 15% in 2016. In fact as of just this year, more than one-quarter of the nonreligious report they are not even registered to vote.

By comparison, despite their shrinking share of the total population, evangelical voters made up 26% of the electorate in 2014. That means evangelicals are beating secular voters more than two-to-one at the polls.

When secular Americans sit out an election, we’re letting others decide who wins and what issues matter. As the largest “religious demographic” in the United States, secular voters have everything we need to become the next great voting bloc but it depends on each of us doing our part.

We cannot expect lawmakers to hear us if we’re not speaking up when it matters most. Help bring secular values to the ballot box by registering to vote.

Register to Vote