Who is a Tax Attorney?


What's a tax attorney, or who’s a tax attorney? They are basic lawyers who specialise in the applied and compound field of tax law. These again, are the kind of people you need whilst starting a business. You'll know whether you've hired a good attorney by his degree of qualifications. The highest degree is the J.D followed by the LL.M. Quite a few attorneys have a decent amount of knowledge in accounting but choose to avoid dealing with tax returns and other similar jobs. A few main components of a tax attorney job is to: 

  1. Assist you to formulate an estate plan for taxable estates. Though an estate is only taxable if the amount exceeds 11million at the time of your death which wouldn't be a concern for you but surely will be for your heir. So, you need someone to strategize your financial records to keep it under the threshold limit or else part of the business could be ceased by the IRS – Internal Revenue Services
  2. In case your business falls under a criminal investigation and you decide to fight back with a lawsuit, you can't do it alone. You'll need a well versed and experienced lawyer to represent and fight for you. 
  3. Many-a-times an attorney will assist you with free off or low-cost legal advice and help especially to the low-income tax-payers. 

There are many tax attorneys and accountants in Arundel that you can hire and avail all the above-mentioned services. Just look for them online.