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Application Of Betaine As Feed Additives In Poultry Nutrition

Much research was conducted to identify and learn more about the significance of using betaine. Various feed additives including betaine have positive results on heat stressed poultry.

Betaine isn't present in large amounts in poultry feedstuffs such as soybean and corn. The dietary betaine supplementation is important to improve the productive performance and lower the negative impact of heat stress on immune and viability reactions by improving cell osmoregulation.

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Betaine is a multi-nutritional agent which can help birds to resist poor management and heat stress. Furthermore, it has several benefits in enhancing carcass yield raising breast percentage and diminishing abdominal fat in addition to diminishing mortality rate.

Other studies have mentioned that betaine can cause enhanced growth, breast yield and feed efficiency, improved functionality under heat stress and enhanced dressing percent.

Nevertheless, the applications of betaine in diets for poultry have been shown advancement in bird's immunity and raising performance. In some research the ability of betaine to be utilized as feed additives has already been proven and thus begun to play a decisive role in the nutrition of poultry. 

Betaine has been a known functional nutrient in broiler nutrition previously used primarily as betaine extracted from beetroot. Betaine from the synthetic product is also available as betaine hydrochloride. 

Recent research highlighted the nutritional attributes of these products are equal, unveiling a less-expensive, non-hygroscopic source of betaine for the feed sector that's accessible year-round.