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The History of Board Games

Board games have become a part of almost every civilization in every part of the planet. Board games have been found in ancient tombs and depicted on the walls of the pyramid. From ancient Persia to Egypt and China, board games become an important part of their culture that they have inherited to the next culture.

Senet is an ancient Egyptian game of which can still be found today. It was found in the burial chamber early dynastic leaders and depicted in paintings of Nefertari. You can also choose your favorite dungeons & dragons board game online at Tistaminis.

The Royal Game of Ur and backgammon found in Iran in the tomb from 2600 BC. Versions of the game have been found in Babylon, also in the nail from 177 BC. Go is another ancient Chinese game that dates back to around 2300 BC which is still played today.

It also enjoys the fact that the rules have changed a little since 700 AD when it was introduced into Japan. Mancala is also an ancient game played throughout the ancient world that still enjoys today. Mancala board that resembles board has now been found in Neolithic dig of Africa.

As the years passed, games such as Parcheesi joined other early game, and they began to be shared from one country to another. Sometimes the new rules, written or board redesigned slightly. In medieval Europe, the Italian artist designed a complex game board displays the path that led to the ending of the game box.