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gas mask

Shopping At A Army Surplus Store

Many customers think that army surplus reserves have an inventory only for those who are entering the military or navy. Regrettably, these misleading ideas prevent these people from buying some of the best military goods or equipment.

Military surplus shops can sell nearly everything from combat boots to tactical gear. Whether you're arranging a one-month trip through the jungle or a weekend excursion with family, the army surplus store will certainly allow you to find everything you will need for your journey. 


During the trek, the group would break from touch with all civilization and depart themselves. They start their preparation by filling their own packs with clothing (shirts, pants, socks, and thermal-wear), little pots and pans, and lots of other foods that are dry. They open their tents to make sure all the necessary parts are undamaged and reopen them prior to carrying them in their packs. At the dawn of a day, hikers strap in their hiking boots, secure the pack in their backs, and head out.

They apply bug spray to prevent insect bites, and when the sun tucks under the horizon, every hiker turns on their headlamps to give light. Practically every item that is used during the day can be found in a military surplus store – utensils, tents, clothing, headlamps, bug spray, food, and even water tablets.

The options are really endless when purchasing these outdoor items. You will be amazed to see the essential camping or trekking gear at surplus stores. A military surplus store is one of the best places to buy top-quality equipment at a very affordable price. 


Gas Masks – Homeland Security Equipment

The deadly attack on September 11 and the recent London bombing has highlighted the importance of safety, security and emergency readiness throughout the world. The homeland security threat level has been raised to elevated status by the Texas homeland security department.

There is a significant risk of terrorist attacks. In addition to the actions recommended under lower threat levels, agencies should consider:

  • Increasing the supervision of critical infrastructure and significant locations.
  • Coordinating emergency plans that are in accordance with the nearest jurisdiction.
  • Assessing and disseminating information and warnings as appropriate.

Emergency preparedness was discussed elaborately on National Public Radio (NBR) and was emphasized that safety equipment like gas masks need to be procured by every citizen of the United States and be prepared for any disaster from future terrorist attacks. They also mentioned that it is time for people to consider these warnings seriously and an action plan to safeguard themselves and their loved ones need to be formulated. To buy quality gas masks, you can go to Gas Mask Pro 

There are a number of products available on the market to protect you and your family from unexpected attacks for your safety, including products such as gas masks, supervision equipment, which can be determined as homeland security equipment.

Whether you deal with your privacy intrusion or terrorist attacks directed at your workplace, there are products available from fire safety equipment, gas masks to supervision equipment that can provide an extra protection layer.

Even when your house can be insured against damage, insurance will not protect your health in the event of a fire. Even though you may never need to reach for the fire extinguisher, it is always safer to have it on hand in the event of an emergency.

Tips on Cleaning Gas Masks

Gas masks are a reminder of a painful past, many suffered by, and is a symbol of conflict of interest and war hostilities. A collector of the mask may have an interest in a world war, battle strategy, the fact of weapons and other war memorabilia.

If you are a collector, maintaining the cleanliness of your collection is important. You can buy m 15 gas mask from

Here are tips for cleaning a gas mask:

• Gas masks should always be displayed in a cool, dry, or stored in a clean case.


• If you provide your full valet antique collection, make sure that you have removed all the parts. Remove the face mask hood, and remove the guard's eyes and nose guard. Doing so means that you can get into all the nooks and crannies when starting your net.

• Hood can be cleaned easily using a damp cloth – use warm water so that the dirt comes loose as you erase.

• Eye guards can clean with a dry cloth.

• Nose guard, snorkel, and mask facepiece should be soaked in warm water. If you want to remove germs, add a bit of household bleach.

• Once you are thoroughly soaked and washed all the pieces, pat them dry with a clean cloth, then let them completely dry in a cool, dry place.