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Know More About Wall-to-Wall Mirror Installation

Adding large mirrors or wall-to-wall mirrors to your home can make your space larger and increase the appeal of the overall room. However, installing a large mirror by yourself can be difficult and even risky.

Installing wall-to-wall mirrors in your home gym or bathroom is riskier than you might think. Before undertaking a dangerous DIY project it’s important to understand the risk. For more information about mirror installation, you can see here now.

Wall-to-Wall Mirror Installation

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Homeowners who often set big mirrors on their own experience:

  • Broken or damaged mirrors

  • Damaged walls

  • Personal injury

In addition, many homeowners do not have the necessary equipment to safely complete the work. Meaning, there is an additional cost involved to purchase equipment or safety equipment – something your local glass doctor already owns and knows how to use!

On the wall, you will hang large mirrors, locate the studs, and mark them properly. If screws or nails are used to hang the mirror instead of sticking, make sure that the stud has support behind the mirror.

You should also consider adding a bumper behind the mirror to prevent scratching the wall. Always be sure to help when hanging your mirror.

Make sure you know about the hardware currently on your mirror. If there is any hardware, you must install the hardware before hanging it. Below are options to consider when hanging your mirrors.