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instant gas hot water system

Can A Solar Hot Water System Save You Money?

The answer is yes, depending on whether you do it yourself or hire a contractor. The price depends on whether you are someone who is familiar with mechanical and piping engineering. First, let's look at the different types of solar hot water systems and their applications.

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Direct or Idle System – This type of system usually uses the same water you drink throughout the system. For general purposes this will be a passive system, using passive water circulation using water pressure at home. This system works best as long as you live in an area with mild winters.

Indirect or closed loop systems – Closed loop systems use a frost-resistant liquid such as glycol that is heated by the sun and then mechanically pumped through drinking water using a series of pipes. It's an indirect solar system, but it works quite well in cooler climates.

Combination of the two systems – There are many systems that use both types, closed or open systems. Many of them use solar collectors, in which a series of pipes or a large tank is heated by the sun. This type can easily be made using do-it-yourself tactics.

You can help our environment by installing a solar hot water DIY system. Hot water boilers are usually driven by electricity or natural gas. If you're lucky enough to find most of your pieces in the trash or water utility yard, you're already ahead of most people. It's very simple and you should be able to upgrade in a few days.