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How Hinduism Started and the Beliefs of Hindus

Several research studies have been conducted to understand the origins of Hinduism. The Hindus believe that Hinduism has no beginning or end.

If you want to enroll to Hindu studies course, then you may search the web. However, historians claim that religion dates back to over 5000 years. This theory states that the early practitioners of this religion live along the banks of the Indus River. At that time, the river is known as Sindhu.

When the Persian migrate to the side of the river, they began to call it Hindu and this is where religion gets its name from. The followers of the religion called Hinduism and Hindu religion came to be known. This theory is commonly known as the 'theory of Aryan.'

Another theory about the origin of the Hindu claim that religion was started around 2000 BC. It was begun by Aryans who invaded the banks of the Indus River and the Indus Valley. But this theory has been proven wrong and is now regarded as a myth.

The evolution of this religion can be categorized into three periods – ancient period which dates from 6500 BC to 1000 AD, the medieval period that dates from 1000 AD 1800 AD and the modern era which dates from 1800 AD to the current date.

Although the modern world demands to understand the origins of Hinduism, followers of the religion do not feel the pressure to study history. They believe in the practice of righteous living and follow the teachings of Hindu to live a good life which leads to the main God.